TAN 07 Airport Seating – 4 Seater

AED 621

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  • Seat: 1.0mm powder coating steel&amp;lt;/li&gt;</li>
  • Arm
  • s and legs: 1.0mm chrome steel
  • Beam: 80 x 40mm, 1.5mm powder coating steel tube
  • Seat width: 50cm with PVC cushion
Size: 230L * 63W * 75H (cm)

Color Options Available
Delivery time 25 days

Embark on a journey of sophisticated waiting environments with the TAN 07 Airport Seating – 4 Seater, an exceptional creation by Highmoon Furniture. This innovative seating solution redefines the waiting experience, seamlessly blending style and functionality. Let’s delve deeper into its remarkable features.

Polished Appearance: Elevate any airport terminal’s aesthetic with the TAN 07. Its design maintains a polished and uncluttered appearance, creating a sophisticated ambiance for travelers.

Comfortable Seating: To prioritize passenger comfort, the TAN 07 boasts ergonomic contours and padded seats, providing a luxurious and relaxing waiting experience in high-traffic areas. Additionally, the plush seating enhances the overall ambiance of the waiting space.

Longevity: Engineered for durability, the TAN 07 withstands heavy usage, establishing itself as a reliable and long-lasting seating solution in high-traffic environments. This resilience makes it an ideal choice for airports and transportation hubs with constant foot traffic.

Practical Maintenance: Moreover, beyond its stylish design, the TAN 07 is easy to clean and maintain. This practicality ensures convenience for busy transportation hubs where cleanliness is essential, contributing to a seamless and well-maintained waiting area.

Elevate waiting areas with the TAN 07 Airport Seating – 4 Seater. Contemporary design seamlessly meets practical space optimization, providing an unparalleled waiting experience. Immerse your space in the perfect blend of sophistication and practicality, redefining waiting area furniture standards. Discover the optimal combination of form and function with Highmoon Furniture’s TAN 07, setting a new benchmark for seating solutions in airports and beyond.


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