TAN 37 Airport Seating – 1 Seater

AED 589

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  • Seat: 1.3mm 201 stainless steel.
  • Arms and legs: die cast aluminum alloy spray paint.
  • Beam: 1.8mm steel with powder coating.
Size: 610L * 68W * 78H (cm)

Color Options Available
Delivery time 25 days


Experience the epitome of tranquility amidst Dubai’s buzz with Highmoon Office Furniture’s exquisite Airport Seating – 1 Seater range. Delve into a realm of refined comfort and unmatched sophistication tailored for the discerning solo traveler.

Indulge in luxury with our premium collection of individual chairs and single-seat benches, meticulously crafted to revolutionize airport seating. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, each seat exudes opulence and ergonomic finesse, promising a haven of relaxation for every traveler.

Our solo seating options offer comfort and an embrace of durability. Engineered with robust materials and precise craftsmanship, these 1-seater benches and chairs stand resilient against the demands of constant use, promising enduring comfort without compromising on style.

Dubai’s cosmopolitan charm finds expression in the contemporary design ethos of our seating collection. Sleek lines, modern aesthetics, and plush upholstery seamlessly harmonize with the architectural grandeur of Dubai’s airport terminals, mirroring the city’s vibrant and diverse atmosphere.

Highmoon Office Furniture: Where traveler needs to meet elegance. Our 1-seater seating offers tranquility in busy itineraries, blending function with style.

Experience elevated comfort with our Airport Seating – 1 Seater series, curated exclusively for solo travelers in Dubai. Immerse yourself in luxury and find serenity amidst the bustle, only with Highmoon Office Furniture’s premier seating collection.

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