TAN 38 Airport Seating – 3 Seater

AED 1,111

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  • Seat: 1.3mm 201 stainless steel.
  • Arms and legs: die cast aluminum alloy spray paint.
  • Beam: 1.8mm steel with powder coating.
  • Seat: round hole with PVC cushion
Size: 175L * 68W * 78H (cm)

Color Options Available
Delivery time 25 days


Airport Seating – 3 Seater Comfortable and Functional Design

Durability and Construction

Airport seating, including the popular 3-seater configuration, is engineered for durability. Featuring sturdy frames made of materials like steel or aluminum, coupled with high-quality upholstery, these seats withstand the rigors of constant use.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Designed with passenger comfort in mind, 3-seater arrangements boast ergonomic contours and ample padding. They offer travelers a supportive and comfortable seating experience, crucial during potentially lengthy waits.

Functionality for Convenience

Beyond comfort, these seats prioritize functionality. Many models include armrests, charging ports, cup holders, or side tables, enhancing convenience for passengers managing their devices or personal items while waiting.

Aesthetics and Design

Airport seating doesn’t compromise on style. Often featuring sleek and modern designs, the 3-seater configuration contributes to the overall ambiance of the terminal, creating an inviting atmosphere for travelers.

Manufacturer Variations

Different manufacturers may offer unique variations. Some focus on modularity, allowing easy rearrangement or expansion to suit the evolving needs of airports without compromising on style or functionality.

In summary, 3-seater airport seating combines durability, comfort, functionality, and aesthetics to cater to the diverse needs of travelers. These thoughtfully designed seats are essential elements in airport terminals, providing a welcoming and accommodating environment for passengers as they navigate their journey.

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