VAT 43 Ergonomic Chair

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BIFMA standard ergonomic office chair

  • Height and Multi-Angle Adjustable Cervical Headrest: Customize the headrest’s height and angle to provide effective support for individuals of different heights.
  • Elastic Activity Lumbar Support: The chair offers adjustable lumbar support to enhance lower back comfort and flexibility.
  • Height and Swivel Adjustable Armrests: Soft PU pad design on the armrests allows for height and swivel adjustments, accommodating various users and providing comfortable arm support.
  • Multiple Back Locking Gears: The chair’s mechanism allows you to lock the backrest in one of four different positions, enabling you to find the perfect sitting angle.
  • Tension Adjustment: Customize the backrest’s tension to match your preference, providing optimal support and comfort.
  • Seat Height Adjustment: Use the grade 4 gas lift with a lifting stroke of 100mm to adjust the seat’s height, ensuring a comfortable sitting position.
  • Mould Foam Seat: The chair features a seat with moulded foam, offering additional comfort for extended periods of sitting.
  • Sturdy Base: Supported by a 350# gray nylon base with a static pressure-bearing capacity of 1136 kg, ensuring stability and durability.
  • Smooth Mobility: Equipped with 60# BIFMA 360° running nylon castors, the chair allows for easy and silent movement.
  • Breathable Mesh: The backrest is made of GT series meshes that meet RECH standards and do not contain heavy metals, promoting breathability and comfort.
  • Durable Fabric: The chair’s seat is upholstered with LY series fabric, featuring grade 5 waterproofing and grade 6 oil resistance for durability and easy maintenance.
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Delivery time 25 days
Product Sample will be available at our showroom from November 1st

Revitalize your office with the VAT 43 Ergonomic Chair from Highmoon. This chair is a blend of comfort and functionality designed to enhance your workspace. Immerse yourself in the key features:

  • Tailored Ergonomics: VAT 43 Ergonomic Chair is meticulously crafted for personalized comfort, supporting your body during extended work hours and minimizing discomfort.
  • Customizable Design: Personalize your workspace with adjustable features, allowing you to tailor the chair to your preferences. Adapt the height, recline, and armrests for an ergonomic and comfortable seating experience.
  • Sleek and Functional Aesthetics: Combining sleek aesthetics with functionality, this chair not only elevates the style of your office but also promotes a productive work environment. The modern design adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace.
  • Durable Construction for Long-lasting Comfort: Built with durability in mind, VAT 43 ensures a long-lasting investment for a reliable office seating solution. The robust construction and high-quality materials guarantee the chair’s endurance over time, providing sustained comfort and support.
  • Effortless Office Upgrade: Effortlessly upgrade your workspace with the Chair, achieving a perfect fusion of comfort and style. Experience a chair that goes beyond mere functionality, creating an inviting and efficient workspace that inspires productivity.

Invest in your well-being and workspace aesthetics with the VAT 43 Ergonomic Chair. Upgrade your office with a chair designed for ultimate comfort, customizable features, and enduring quality. Immerse yourself in a workspace that reflects your dedication to both comfort and style. Elevate your office experience with Highmoon’s Chair today.

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