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We design office furniture with a touch of futurism, propelling your workspace into the cutting edge of innovation

A premier furniture manufacturer and supplier dubai like Highmoon Office Furniture is more than just a business; it’s an architect of workspaces that inspire and empower. From ergonomic office chairs that prioritize well-being to conference tables that foster collaboration, our creations weave functionality and aesthetics into the very fabric of modern work culture. Highmoon’s pursuit of excellence, innovation and sustainability makes them a driving force in the realm of furniture design elevating workspaces to new dimensions of comfort and creativity . 

Top Office Furniture Manufacturer and Supplier Dubai

We take pride in crafting cutting-edge designs using top-notch technology and exceptional craftsmanship. With a mission to reimagine spaces into lasting, fulfilling work environments, we empower individuals and businesses everyday with high-quality, durable furniture that elevates productivity and inspires creativity. Our mission is to provide top-notch products reflecting our passion for elevating workspaces worldwide.


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Highmoon Decorations was Launched in Dubai
Highmoon Furniture and manufacturing plant launched
January 2022
New Showroom Launch
Highmoon Interior Launch
Rebranding with New Logo

Meet Our Leaders

Kalamegam Natarajan

Founder & Managing Director

Amudhu Thamizhan

Chief Executive Officer

Anbu Thamizhan

Chief Design & Product Officer

Ann Gamir

Chief Financial Officer

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Industry leaders and influencers recognize Highmoon as one of the most trust worthy retail companies in the UAE, ranking high for both customer and employee satisfaction.

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