Hassle Free Delivery

Located in key cities across the U.A.E., our warehouses ensure swift production and order preparation. Custom-made products typically require 5-15 working days, depending on materials and component availability. Ready-made furniture is promptly delivered within the U.A.E. after payment confirmation. For international orders, we collaborate with trusted shipping partners. Express delivery options are available to GCC countries, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and select African nations. 

GCC & Worldwide Shipping (Request a Quote) 

We are delighted to assist you with shipping and delivery to your country. For a customized shipping quote to GCC or worldwide destinations, please get in touch with our team. Our shipping fees cover handling, packing, and postage costs. While handling fees remain fixed, transport fees are determined by the total weight of the shipment. To optimize your shipping costs, we recommend consolidating your items into a single order. Please note that separate orders will incur shipping fees individually. Rest assured, we take utmost care in packaging and protecting fragile items, although shipping is undertaken at your own risk.

Contact us today to receive a tailored shipping quote and enjoy a hassle-free delivery experience.

Highmoon Global Shipping Office Furniture

Seamless Integration: Enhancing Your Workspace

The installation of office furniture isn’t merely a physical task it’s the integration of functional pieces that contribute to the overall productivity and aesthetics of your workspace. At Highmoon Office Furniture our team of skilled professionals ensures that your furniture is assembled with precision paying attention to every detail .

This level of care and expertise ensures that the furniture not only fits seamlessly into your office environment but also aligns with your vision. We understand the importance of creating a workspace that reflects your unique identity and supports your daily operations. Our commitment to seamless integration goes beyond furniture it’s about enhancing your work environment to boost efficiency and inspire success .

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