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Exploring how the right combination of material and colors can transform your workspace into a haven of creativity and productivity. Highmoon offers a plethora of choices, ranging from well-known collections like

Material and Colors Collection

  • EGGER Standard Collection
  • EGGER Premium Collection
  • EGGER Feelwood Collection
  • SM’art
  • Cleaf
  • KRONODESIGN Gloss & Matt
  • Innovus

EGGER Standard, Premium and Feelwood Collection

These collections offer a diverse array of finishes and textures that cater to different design sensibilities. From classic and timeless to contemporary and avant-garde, EGGER empowers you to bring your office vision to life.

SM’art and Cleaf 

SM’art and Cleaf stand as pioneers in the industry offering innovative solutions that blend technology with design. Also, material and colors redefine possibilities offering unique textures and patterns that cater to those who dare to be different. Imagine a office space adorned with surfaces that tell a story of creativity and innovation.

KRONODESIGN Gloss ,Matt and Color 

For those who appreciate the interplay of light and reflection the KRNODESIGN Gloss & Matt collection offers a range of surfaces that exude modernity and sophistication. On the other hand the KRONODESIGN Color collection is a canvas waiting to be painted with your personality. Vibrant hues, carefully chosen can inject energy and motivation into your workspace.


Bringing nature indoors has never been easier with the KRONODESIGN Wood collection. Wood with its warm and organic appeal bridges the gap between the natural world and your home office. The collection offers a variety of finishes that suit different styles, from rustic to contemporary.


In a world that’s increasingly embracing sleekness and minimalism the KRONODESIGN Metal collection offers an opportunity to infuse an industrial edge into your workspace. The juxtaposition of metal with other material and colors creates a dynamic visual impact that can inspire creativity.


And then there’s Innovus a name synonymous with versatility and creativity. This collection breaks boundaries offering material that enable you to go beyond the conventional to explore uncharted territories of design.

To bring all these elements together and create a cohesive and functional workspace Highmoon Office Furniture Dubai steps in as a game-changer. Highmoon expertise in crafting ergonomic and stylish furniture that seamlessly integrates with your chosen material and colors is unparalleled. From ergonomic chairs that support your posture during long work hours to intelligently designed desks that accommodate your technology needs Highmoon understands the nuances of creating a productive workspace.

As you embark on the journey of designing your office remember that the choices you make regarding materials and colors are not just about aesthetics. They influence your mood, motivation and productivity. Whether you opt for the understated elegance of wood or the contemporary flair of metal the canvas is yours to paint. The material and colors you choose are more than mere design elements they are tools that empower you to shape an environment that reflects your unique identity and fosters your professional growth.

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