At Highmoon, we specialize in providing innovative and sustainable commercial lighting solutions tailored to the unique demands of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. With a focus on LED technology, energy efficiency, and smart lighting systems, we are dedicated to transforming your commercial spaces into well-lit, efficient, and visually appealing environments.

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Our Lighting Solutions

Harness the power of LED technology to enhance your commercial spaces. Our high-quality LED lighting solutions not only provide superior brightness and longevity but also significantly reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

We understand the importance of energy conservation in the MENA region. Our energy-efficient lighting solutions help businesses lower their carbon footprint while enjoying substantial cost savings on their energy bills.

Committed to sustainability, we offer lighting options that align with your green initiatives. Our sustainable lighting designs focus on minimizing environmental impact without compromising on lighting quality.

Step into the future with our smart lighting systems. Control and customize your lighting settings remotely, adjust brightness based on occupancy, and optimize energy usage through advanced automation

Elevate your architectural elements with precision-designed lighting solutions. Our experts blend aesthetics and functionality to showcase your building’s unique features while ensuring optimal lighting performance

Create an enticing shopping experience with our retail lighting solutions. Highlight products, set the right ambiance, and drive customer engagement through carefully crafted lighting designs

Transform hotels, restaurants, and resorts with captivating hospitality lighting. Our solutions enhance guest comfort, create memorable atmospheres, and emphasize the distinct character of your establishment

Boost productivity and well-being in your workplace with our tailored office lighting designs. From task lighting to ambient illumination, we create environments that inspire and invigorate

Ensure safety and efficiency in industrial settings with our industrial lighting expertise. We provide robust lighting solutions that meet the demanding requirements of manufacturing and production environments.

Our skilled designers craft lighting concepts that harmonize with your space’s architecture and purpose. We understand that each project is unique, and our designs reflect that individuality.

Take full control of your lighting with our advanced control systems. From manual adjustments to automated schedules, manage your lighting seamlessly for optimal performance.

Embrace the convenience of lighting automation. Our systems adapt to changing conditions, adjusting lighting levels based on occupancy, natural light, and time of day.

Upgrade your existing lighting infrastructure with our retrofit solutions. Enhance performance, efficiency, and aesthetics without the need for a complete overhaul.

Discover a range of versatile and stylish light fixtures that cater to various aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

Our experienced consultants provide expert guidance throughout your lighting project. From concept to installation, we ensure your vision is translated into a well-executed reality.

Witness substantial energy savings with our innovative lighting solutions. Reduce operational costs while contributing to environmental sustainability.

Lighting in Dubai

What you should know

What are the key things to consider in your commercial lighting project in Dubai?

To prevent fines and legal issues, it's crucial to adhere to Dubai's commercial lighting regulations. Violations can lead to penalties and enforcement actions by authorities. Common violations include excessive light pollution, using inefficient lighting, lacking required controls, non-functional emergency lighting, improper illuminance levels, color temperature deviations, non-compliant exterior lighting, maintenance neglect, building classification violations, and unauthorized alterations. Fines vary based on violation severity and regulatory discretion. To avoid penalties, collaborate with lighting experts familiar with Dubai's rules and always consult the Dubai Municipality for up-to-date guidance on regulations and potential fines.

Should I automate office lighting

Certainly, automating office lighting offers numerous advantages, making it a wise choice. Automation optimizes energy use by adjusting lighting based on occupancy and natural light, resulting in cost savings. Moreover, it ensures ideal lighting conditions, enhancing productivity and well-being. Customizable settings for various tasks and activities, along with features like daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing, further contribute to efficiency. Automation also provides centralized control, simplifying management. Scheduled lighting and integration potential future-proof your lighting system. To implement this effectively, consider task types, natural light availability, and budget. Collaborating with lighting experts helps design a tailored solution that aligns with your office's requirements. Office lighting automation enhances comfort, productivity, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

Why Highmoon for Your Lighting Solutions?

Our commitment to innovation ensures striking and functional designs that illuminate your spaces beautifully. Benefit from customized solutions tailored to your unique project requirements, embracing energy-efficient options to lower costs and environmental impact. With expertise in LED and smart lighting, we offer cutting-edge technology for enhanced performance and convenience. Highmoon guarantees compliance with regional regulations, safeguarding you from fines and legal issues. Our experienced consultants guide you from concept to installation, ensuring precise realization of your vision. From retail to industrial spaces, our diverse applications promise versatile solutions. Trust in our proven track record, underpinned by quality assurance and unwavering client focus. Experience after-sales support and local expertise that elevate Highmoon as your trusted lighting partner in the MENA region.

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