• COK 04 Task Chair

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    • Mine white seat back headrest is made of PA+30% glass fiber, up and down adjustment lumbar support
    • Taiwan Yichang mesh fabric of seat back fabric, the seat fabric produced by German Gabriel Corporation in Hangzhou, mine white 3D adjustable PU armrest/ PU armrest surface
    • The grade of E0 environmental protection ecological seat board whose thickness is 14mm
    • 75 density shaped sponge, plastic shell with seat, wire control device with front and rear sliding function, three locking mechanism
    • Yuecheng (Xieqiang) class 4 black cylinder passed SGS certification
    • 350#PA mine white nylon feet, ∮60 black PU wheels passed SGS certification
    • Net Weight: 15.05 kg
    • Warranty (Years): 3

    For color customization contact us
    Delivery time 25 days
    Product Sample will be available at our showroom from November 1st

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