Dom Ergonomic Chair

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Resting type: High back + Headrest
Headrest: 4 D Adjustable high tensile Mesh Fabric material.
Back Rest: High tension synthetic blended Nylon Mesh Fabric with Extreme pressure molded Nylon Fiberglass Frame + Lumbar support and Lumbar belt + Magnaflux system for added movement
3 position back tilt locking mechanism
Seat: Poly-combined Imported Fabric with 25 – 35 density super memory foam.
Armrest: Platinum grade PP 2 D Adjustable armrest.
Seat Feature: Height Adjustable, Multi-lock Lock Mechanism
Gas Lift: QPQ treated Grade 4 Gas Lift
Base: 350 mm Star Designed Triple Folded Aluminum Base
Casters: 60 mm noise free PU Casters

ColorOptions: Black, Grey, White, Green, Orange, Blue, Red

Dom Ergonomic Chair

Introducing the Dom Ergonomic Chair – Where Comfort Meets Personalization in Every Detail!

Step into a world of unprecedented comfort and tailor-made design with the Dom Ergonomic Chair. Carefully crafted to cater to your unique needs, this chair seamlessly integrates innovation, style, and ergonomic perfection.

Ergonomic Mastery:

Indulge in complete relaxation with the high backrest coupled with an integrated headrest. This design provides comprehensive support for your entire back, from your head and neck to your lumbar region. The 4D adjustable headrest, thoughtfully crafted from high tensile Mesh Fabric material, offers a customized fit for your head and neck, ensuring ultimate comfort and support.

Breathable Luxury:

Embrace the perfect blend of support and ventilation with the high-tension synthetic blended Nylon Mesh Fabric adorning the backrest. Partnered with the Extreme Pressure Molded Nylon Fiberglass Frame, this combination offers unwavering support, exceptional durability, and optimal airflow, contributing to your overall well-being.

Tailored Comfort:

The seat is a testament to comfort, meticulously crafted from Poly combined Imported Fabric and enriched with 25 – 35 density super memory foam. Immerse yourself in a world of comfort as the foam conforms to your body’s contours, providing a unique seating experience. Take control of your comfort with the height-adjustable feature, allowing you to personalize your seating position for optimal support.

Advanced Mechanisms:

Experience ergonomic fluidity with the Multi-lock Lock Mechanism, which enables you to secure your desired recline angle with ease. The 3 Position Back Tilt Locking Mechanism offers versatile recline options, ensuring your comfort and convenience are prioritized throughout your workday.

Uncompromising Durability:

The QPQ treated Grade 4 Gas Lift guarantees seamless and reliable height adjustments, effortlessly accommodating your preferred working height. The 350 mm Star Designed Triple Folded Aluminum Base not only radiates modern elegance but also ensures steadfast stability, enhancing the chair’s overall durability.

Silent Mobility:

Navigate your workspace with grace using the 60 mm noise-free PU Casters. Experience seamless and silent movement, ensuring your transitions are smooth and uninterrupted.

Express Your Style:

Infuse your personality into your workspace with customizable colors including Black, Grey, White, Green, Orange, Blue, and Red. The Dom Ergonomic Chair isn’t just about sitting; it’s about embracing a transformative seating experience that aligns with your style and enhances your well-being.

Elevate your work, enhance your comfort, and celebrate your individuality – with the Dom Ergonomic Chair. Embark on a journey towards elevated productivity and well-being today.


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Black, White

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With Footrest, Without Footrest

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