Dom Operator Chair

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Resting type: High back + Headrest
Headrest: 4 D Adjustable high tensile Mesh Fabric material.
Back Rest: High tension synthetic blended Nylon Mesh Fabric with Extreme pressure molded Nylon Fiberglass Frame + Lumbar support and Lumbar belt + Magnaflux system for added movement
3 position back tilt locking mechanism
Seat: Poly-combined Imported Fabric with 25 – 35 density super memory foam.
Armrest: Platinum grade PP 2 D Adjustable armrest.
Seat Feature: Height Adjustable, Multi-lock Lock Mechanism
Gas Lift: QPQ treated Grade 4 Gas Lift
Base: 350 mm Star Designed Triple Folded Aluminum Base
Casters: 60 mm noise free PU Casters

ColorOptions: Black, Grey, White, Green, Orange, Blue, Red

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Dom Operator Chair

Introducing the Dom Operator Chair – Where Comfort Meets Performance in Style!

Elevate your workspace with the Dom Operator Chair – a synergy of functionality, comfort, and modern design. Meticulously crafted to cater to your needs, this chair seamlessly blends innovative features with tailored comfort.

Unleash Comfort:

Experience the perfect balance of support and freedom of movement with the midback resting type, offering optimal support while allowing flexibility. The backrest, adorned with high-tension synthetic blended Nylon Mesh Fabric and the Extreme Pressure Molded Nylon Fiberglass Frame, promises enduring support, exceptional durability, and enhanced breathability.

Advanced Support:

Embrace ergonomic brilliance with integrated Lumbar support, Lumbar belt, and the Magnaflux system, promoting subtle movement for a healthier sitting posture. Enjoy versatility with the 3-position back tilt locking mechanism, providing multiple recline options to suit your preference.

Personalized Seating:

The seat, meticulously crafted from Poly combined Imported Fabric, is enriched with 25 – 35 density super memory foam. It envelops you in comfort as the foam adapts to your body’s contours, ensuring a seating experience tailored to you. Take control of your comfort with the height-adjustable feature, empowering you to create your optimal seating position.

Precision Mechanics:

Experience seamless ergonomic transitions with the Multi-lock Lock Mechanism, allowing you to secure your chosen recline angle effortlessly. The QPQ treated Grade 4 Gas Lift ensures smooth and reliable height adjustments, catering to your preferred working height with ease.

Stylish Foundation:

The 350 mm Star Designed Triple Folded Aluminum Base combines contemporary aesthetics with unwavering stability, enhancing your workspace’s visual appeal.

Silent Mobility:

Effortlessly glide across your workspace with the 60 mm noise-free PU Casters, ensuring smooth movement that doesn’t disrupt your concentration.

Reflect Your Style:

Infuse your unique style into your workspace with customizable color options including Black, Grey, White, Green, Orange, Blue, and Red. The Dom Operator Chair isn’t just furniture – it’s an expression of your personality and an enhancement of your well-being.

Elevate your work, embrace superior comfort, and showcase your individuality with the Dom Operator Chair. Embark on a journey toward heightened productivity and well-being today.


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Chair Color Option

Black, White

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With Footrest, Without Footrest

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